AstroTrac 360 German Equatorial Mount Package

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AstroTrac 360 German Equatorial Mount Package

AstroTrac 360 punches above its weight at just 5 kg (11 lb) in GEM configuration. With an imaging instrument capacity of 10 kg (22 lb), it easily handles a 100 mm (4-inches) refractor or 200 mm (8-inch) carbon Ritchey Chretien with the camera.


Key Features

  • Modular design - If you’re shooting with a 400 mm camera lens or a small telescope, leave the counterweights at home. A unique sliding mechanism enables balance without counterweights.
  • Advanced Friction DriveUltimate precision. Super smooth. Zero backlash. More efficient than worm gears so less power required.
  • Tracking Performance Built-in premium Renishaw optical encoders guarantee high precision tracking all night long. Long unguided exposures at 400 mm focal length or more are now a reality with a typical unguided tracking error of fewer than 5 arcseconds over 15 minutes. Enjoy big mount performance at longer focal lengths with the ST-4 autoguide port.
  • Pointing - Raw encoder accuracy better than 60 arcseconds over 360 degrees ensures your camera will be centered on your target.
  • Secure Polar Scope - The entirely re-engineered all metal polar scope snaps firmly into the AstroTrac 360.
  • Reticle Illumination - Dimmable built-in LEDs illuminate the new AstroTrac 360 polar scope reticle, so there’s no need for cables or additional batteries.
  • Collimation Swing the right ascension drive through 180 degrees and use the polar scope adjusters to ensure the polar scope is perfectly collimated for precise polar alignment.
  • Wifi Control Works out of the box with popular 3rd party software such as SkySafari and TheSkyX. No dongles required.


Drive TypeAdvanced Friction Drive
Encoder TypeRenishaw Optical Encoders
Head DesignEquatorial
Instrument Capacity22 lb
Ports4 Autoguide Port
SeriesAstroTrac 360
Telescope ConnectionNot Included
Tracking Accuracy5 Arcseconds