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AstroTrac 360 German Equatorial Mount Package


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Product Details

  • AstroTrac 360 punches above its weight at just 5 kg (11 lb) in GEM configuration. With an imaging instrument capacity of 10 kg (22 lb), it easily handles a 100 mm (4-inches) refractor or 200 mm (8-inch) carbon Ritchey Chretien with the camera.


    Key Features

    • Modular design - If you’re shooting with a 400 mm camera lens or a small telescope, leave the counterweights at home. A unique sliding mechanism enables balance without counterweights.
    • Advanced Friction DriveUltimate precision. Super smooth. Zero backlash. More efficient than worm gears so less power required.
    • Tracking Performance Built-in premium Renishaw optical encoders guarantee high precision tracking all night long. Long unguided exposures at 400 mm focal length or more are now a reality with a typical unguided tracking error of fewer than 5 arcseconds over 15 minutes. Enjoy big mount performance at longer focal lengths with the ST-4 autoguide port.
    • Pointing - Raw encoder accuracy better than 60 arcseconds over 360 degrees ensures your camera will be centered on your target.
    • Secure Polar Scope - The entirely re-engineered all metal polar scope snaps firmly into the AstroTrac 360.
    • Reticle Illumination - Dimmable built-in LEDs illuminate the new AstroTrac 360 polar scope reticle, so there’s no need for cables or additional batteries.
    • Collimation Swing the right ascension drive through 180 degrees and use the polar scope adjusters to ensure the polar scope is perfectly collimated for precise polar alignment.
    • Wifi Control Works out of the box with popular 3rd party software such as SkySafari and TheSkyX. No dongles required.
  • specifications

    Drive TypeAdvanced Friction Drive
    Encoder TypeRenishaw Optical Encoders
    Head DesignCamera Tracker
    Head DesignEquatorial
    Instrument Capacity22 lb
    Ports4 Autoguide Port
    SeriesAstroTrac 360
    Telescope ConnectionNot Included
    Tracking Accuracy5 Arcseconds

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