Astrophysics is Easy

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Astrophysics is Easy

Astrophysics is Easy!

Astrophysics is generally considered to be a nigh incomprehensible field without the use of higher mathematics, justifiably believed to require extensive mathematical skill to get the most out of. As an unfortunate result, many amateur astronomers do not get to experience many of the most fascinating aspects of this topic! However, this book- Astrophysics is Easy- cuts through the complex higher mathematics in favor of a simpler explanation of the basics of the topic using much more accessible terms than standard.

Astrophysics is Easy allows amateur astronomers without collegiate level mathematics skills to enter into the subject and enjoy it to it's fullest by using the plain arithmetic and simple examples outline the workings of the universe in a straightforward and detailed manner. The first edition of this worthy tome was written over eight years ago- and in that time, numerous advances in observational astronomy have led to new and significant changes to the theories of astrophysics- changes and theories that have been inscribed into this newest edition of this book, in the form of both entirely new chapters, and some expanded chapters. This book holds the unique claim that for each topic under discussion in a given chapter, an observing list is included to allow readers to actually see for themselves the concepts presented! All manner of sights are made easier using this list- spectral sequence stars, nebulae, galaxies- even the mysterious black holes. In this edition, the list has been both revised and brought fully up to date.

  • Simplifies the subject matter without skimping on details
  • Includes full observation lists with each chapter
  • Cuts out overcomplicated mathematics in favor of widely understandable language

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