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Astronomik ProPlanet 807 - 50mm

SKU : AK-8H00H1

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Product Details

  • For imaging, the moon and planets with telescopes that have apertures larger than 10" when visibility is weak, the Astronomik ProPlanet 807 filter make for an ideal complement to the ProPlanet 742 filter. In addition, this filter can also be used in conjunction with the ProPlanet 742 filter for use with converted DSLR's, CCD cameras, and Webcams. Let this filter introduce you to heretofore unknown dimensions of the moon and planet astrophotography.

    This filter permits only infrared light with wavelengths of 807nm or more to pass. Seeing effects are greatly reduced in this wavelength when compared with the visibility of the human eye. This gives you a much sharper image than what you would normally get from your instrument. Furthermore, the sky background of late dawn is dark and permits photography of the moon and planets even in the daytime.

    Designed to be an augmentation to the Astronomik ProPlanet 742, the 807 filter works best under bad seeing conditions with a larger telescope. When seeing conditions are better or if the telescope being used has an aperture under 10", the Astronomik ProPlanet 742 filter is recommended. The use of this ProPlanet 807 filter will double exposure times for the majority of cameras in contrast to the 742 filters or imaging in visible light. Additional advantages include a darkened background, the ability to image bright planets, stars, and comets during daylight hours, and the promotion of dust cloud and stellar nursery photography.

    Astronomik ProPlanet 807 IR-Pass Filter Specifications

    • Higher than 97% transmission for wavelengths of 807nm to 1100nm
    • Intercepts wavelengths between 350nm and 790nm
    • Parfocal with other Astronomik filters
    • 1mm glass thickness
    • Entirely resistant to high humidity, scratches, and aging impact
    • Diffraction limited, the filter will not lessen the optical performance of your telescope!
    • Astronomik filters are presented in a high-quality, long-lasting, filter box
  • specifications

    Filter ShapeRound
    Filter TypePlanetary Imaging
    Free ShippingYes

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