Astronomik Luminance Filter - SC Rear Cell

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  • Astronomik Luminance Filter - SC Rear Cell

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    Astronomik Luminance Filter - SC Rear Cell

    Astronomik Luminance (UV/IR Blocking) Filter - SC Rear Cell

    This Astronomik UV and IR cut filter is the ideal choice for digital photographers. It allows for the full range of light sensitive to the human eye to pass while blocking every other portion of the spectrum in the UV and IR. Again, for anyone into digital photography, the Astronomik UV-IR blocking filter is a must-have.

    All optical problems in the UV and IR parts of the spectrum are completely bypassed due to this filter's flawless blocking of these sections. This filter was developed for optical systems with focal ratios in the f/0.5 to f/50 range.

    The UV-IR blocker grants you a foolproof parfocal filter for the luminance channel. It can also serve as a dust protector for your Schmidt-Cassegrain, Schmidt-Newtonian or Maksutov optical systems as well as your DSLR camera. In addition, this filter can also be employed as a second option in lieu of the IR-blocker if your camera has a high sensitivity at short wavelengths. The Astronomik Luminance UV-IR blocking filter might be an acceptable alternative to the MC Clear filter if your optical system features any refracting elements.

    An IR-block should be used in the event that your camera has a low sensitivity at short wavelengths. For optical systems with refracting elements, the MC Clear glass filter is the better choice. For color imaging from locations that suffer from ample light pollution, it would be wise to use a CLS CCD filter for the luminance data instead!

    Astronomik Luminance (UV/IR Blocking) Filter for SCT Rear Cells Features...

    • Parfocal with different Astronomik filters
    • 1mm glass thickness
    • Entirely resistant to high humidity, scratches and aging impact
    • Diffraction limited, the filter will not lessen the optical performance of your telescope!
    • Astronomik filters are presented in a high-quality, durable, filter box.

    Astronomik Product Number: L-SCT

    Additional Information

    Filter TypeLuminance
    Free ShippingYes
    SizeSCT Standard
    Warranty10 Year Warranty

    Questions & Answers

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    • Hello, does it match the C9.25 HD rear cell?? Thanks in advance!!

      This will attach to the rear cell of a C9.25 HD, but due to the strict back focus requirements of the scope (146 +/-1mm) this filter is not recommended for that scope.

    • I would be interested in knowing the clear aperture of this filter, and if the glass is removable form the cell?

      The clear aperture is approximately 1.75", and the glass is not designed to be removable. You might be able to do so, but it would likely void your filter's warranty.