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Astronomik LRGB Filter Set - T-Thread Cell

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Astronomik LRGB Filter Set - T-Thread Cell

The LRGB Filter Set - T-Thread Cell by Astronomik:

These filters permit natural color recreations of stars and planets as well as emission and reflection nebulae. The transmission characteristics of these LRGB Typ 2c filters are made for CCD astroimaging. These filters provide correct color images for all types of night sky objects. While other brands may make unusual compromises, Astronomik gives you the best color recreations attainable. You'll be able to view colors of both stars and objects that emit only in spectral lines accurately. CCD images will be presented with colors so flawless you'll think the targeted objects are bright enough to be seen with photopic vision. This is what separates Astronomik filters from those of other manufacturers.

For Astronomik, image capture is only the first step of the process. A more important of an astrophotographer's toolkit is an editing system that is both elegant as well as user-friendly. In order to maintain the color, Astronomik estimated their filter set for the sRGB color space used as industry standard from most makers of printers, monitors, and imaging software. This takes away the need for a user to take the time to learn about colorimetry and color spaces. Astronomik has taken care of these special astrophotography issues for you.

Astronomik filters are parfocal with wedge errors under all typical margins as a result of high-precision machining of the carrier substrate. These filters are also diffraction limited so as not the be the bottleneck in an otherwise high quality optical system. Problems with focal distances along with exact image location become obsolete.

Main Use: These LRGB filters separate the spectrum into its red, green, blue and luminance components. Therefore color separation is possible with pure monochrome CCD sensors. This division coincides with the color sensitivity of the human eye per DIN 5032. Image color is preserved throughout the entire image processing and output due to the utilization of sRGB color space. An Astronomik LRGB filter set coupled with your camera will allow you to produce the ideal raw material for image processing in the sRGB color space.

Alternate Uses:

  • When used in combination with Astronomik line filters, your images will display interesting details of astronomical objects. For instance, the red image can be intensified by H-alpha or the green image by OIII.
  • For planetary viewing and photography, color filters are conveniently "misused".

Astronomik LRGB Filter Set Features:

  • User-friendly image processing
  • Nearly 100-percent transmission for short exposure intervals
  • Modified transmissions of individual filters for enhanced color recreation
  • The use of industry standards
  • Parfocal with all other Astronomik filters
  • 1 mm glass thickness
  • Entirely resistant to high humidity, scratches, and aging impact
  • Diffraction limited, the filter will not lessen the optical performance of your telescope!
  • Astronomik filters are presented in a high-quality, durable, filter box

OPT Product Number: AK-LRGB-T



Filter Thickness1mm
Filter TypeLRGB
Free ShippingYes
Warranty10 Year Warranty