Astronomical Calendar 2016 - DISCONTINUED

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Astronomical Calendar 2016 - DISCONTINUED

Astronomical Calendar 2016 by Guy Ottewell

The 43rd, final, and finest issue of this famous atlas-sized and richly illustrated guide to the sky.

Each of the 80 pages is the size of three or four of an ordinary book, allowing large spreads of mixed diagrams and text. The Astronomical Calendar is used in over 100 countries by amateurs, professionals, journalists, telescope-owners, clubs, teachers, planetariums, and general appreciators of the sky.

  • Double-page spread for each month
  • Spread for each planet
  • Sun, Earth, Seasons, Moon
  • Eclipses, Occultations
  • Sky scenes, conjunctions
  • Asteroids, Comets, Meteor showers
  • Calendar peculiarities
  • Magnitude and Elongation graphs
  • Hourglass of rising and setting times
  • Glossary of astronomical terms ’????????? and more