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Astrohaven 12.5 foot Dome - 115V

This model of twelve-foot-and-a-half-tall observatory dome from Astrohaven is a prime example of a powered clamshell dome, which uses a 115V power source to open and close the dome. The dome is primarily composed of fiberglass and is a great choice for anyone looking to set up their own observatory. The Astrohaven 12.5" is an excellent investment in future astronomy success, and is professional quality on every level of performance. Please contact us at 800-483-6287 for options and further details.

The Astro Haven 12' observatory is a very popular choice for those who want extra room for equipment and guests. It is often used for remote observatories housing larger telescopes. Astro Haven clamshell domes are currently operating at the North Pole as well as the highest elevations of Peru, which should be proof of its ability to operate in the harshest of climates.

Built Tough to Last with Minimal Maintenance

This super tough non-rotating 12' clamshell dome is constructed of fiberglass using the latest 3-D design and CAD tools. Decades of aerospace engineering experience has been applied to its fabrication and design. The exterior is white gel coated for great UV protection. For those who would like to match their dome to an existing building or to the dome's surroundings, a color matching option is available.

Clamshell vs Rotating Dome

Unlike traditional rotating domes, an Astro Haven clamshell-style observatory allows the user to choose how much exposure they desire. Operate wide open to have an unobstructed view of the sky, which is the perfect way to achieve immediate thermal equilibrium, or enjoy a beautiful summer night out under the celestial canopy. Partial closure offers protection against wind and shields against the light coming from any particular direction. When fully closed, your dome is sealed up tight, offering protection against most any weather Mother Nature can throw at it.

Adding Height with Risers

The height of the Astro Haven 12' Dome is 8.5'. Additional base riser rings, which are 12" high, as well as an access hatch, are optional. Customers either add the dome to the top of a structure, and then use stairs to reach the telescope, or they lay a foundation and simply bolt the Astro Haven dome down. You can choose one or more optional base ring assemblies as well as a 2' by 2' access hatch with an automotive type slam lock when calling to order.

Electronic Opening System

The Astro Haven12' Clamshell Dome includes either a 115V or 230V (your choice) shutter opening system with a digital keypad inside the dome and a computer interface for remote operation from your living room, classroom, or any other location in the world. If you will be operating in a very humid environment, Astro Haven offers a watertight NEMA 4 option for the motor assemblies.

Easy Installation!

When your Astro Haven dome is ready, it can either be picked up at the factory or you can have it created and shipped to your destination. Crating and hand-created extra. If you live outside the USA, treated wood is required for shipment. In this instance, choose the International Crating option as opposed to the USA Crating option when talking with a sales rep. The Astro Haven 12-Ft. Dome weights about 880 lb. and the crate is 78" high x 90" wide x 156" long and weighs about 350 lb. Obviously, this is not going via UPS or USPS! OPT will contact you when your dome is ready and a shipping quote will be generated at that time.

When your dome arrives, it is easy to install in approximately 6 man-hours. Just bolt the lower flange of the dome to a concrete pad or structure that is isolated from your pier. Bolts need to be inserted every 24'. For those rare occasions when that is not an option, Astro Haven offers Base-Hold Down Plates, which are sold separately.

Freight cost will be calculated at time of shipment. A forklift will be needed for off-loading at the customer’s expense.


  • AHV-D01210-001 - 12.5‐1 Dome 115V
  • AHV-D01210-002 - 12.5‐1 Dome 115V Door‐Slam
  • AHV-D01210‐005 - 12.5‐1 Dome 115V, Color
  • AHV-D01210‐006 - 12.5‐1 Dome 115V Door‐Slam, Color
  • AHV-D01210‐009 - 12.5‐1 Dome 115V NEMA4
  • AHV-D01210‐010 - 12.5‐1 Dome 115V DoorSlam NEMA4
  • AHV-D01211‐001 - 12.5‐1 Base Ring Assembly Kit Each Ring
  • AHV-D01211‐002 - 12.5‐1 Base Ring Assembly Kit Four Rings w Door
  • AHV-D01215‐001 - 12.5‐2 Dome 115V
  • AHV-D01215‐002 - 12.5‐2 Dome 115V Door‐Slam
  • AHV-D01215‐003 - 12.5‐2 Dome 115V Color
  • AHV-D01215‐004 - 12.5‐2 Dome 115V Door‐Slam, Color
  • AHV-D01220‐001 - 12.5‐X0 Dome 4‐Indep 115V
  • AHV-D01220‐002 - 12.5‐X0 Dome 4‐Indep 115V Door‐Slam
  • AHV-D01230‐002 - 12.5‐XR0 Dome 4‐Indep 115V Door‐Slam