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Astrodon 1.25" Sloan Y Filter

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Astrodon 1.25" Sloan Y Filter

The 1.25-Inch Sloan Y Filter by Astrodon:

Astrodon's Y Filter, is one of their newest generation of Sloan Digital Sky Survey filters.  These filters are of the highest quality, as usual- improving beyond previous models notably, and even introducing two entirely new filters! This is one of those two entirely new filters. The 'Y' Filter boasts an incredibly high 50-percent transmission point of 950/1058. The dielectric coatings used on this filter ensure steep cut-on and cut-offs and peak transmissions in excess of 95-percent.

It is of note that the Sloan Digital Sky Survey- SDSS- photometric system is the most commonly used filter set today, even being used in the Hubble Space Telescope. Much of photometry up to magnitude 23 will be done in this system with meter-class telescopes.

The Y Filter in particular is a part of Astrodon's second generation of Sloan Filters, and was designed based on technical input from Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network (LCOGT) and others. The Y filter's intended role is simple; to make sure that it is the filter and not the detector that controls the high wavelength cut off.

Astrodon 1.25-Inch Sloan Y Filter: Specifications:

  • 50-percent Transmission point of 950/1058
  • Peak transmission guaranteed > 95-percent
  • <=0.03-percent Tabs out-of-band 300 to 1100 nm
  • Single striae-free fused silica substrates
  • 1/4-wave propagated wavefront prior to coating
  • <0.5 arcminute substrate parallelism
  • 3.000 +/-0.025 mm substrate thickness prior to coating
  • USA Made


OPT Product Number: AN-SL-Y2-27R



Filter Size1.25"