Astrodon Sloan Photometric r'2 50mm Square Telescope Filter

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Astrodon Sloan Photometric r'2 50mm Square Telescope Filter

The Sloan Digital Sky Survey photometric system is the most common research filter set used today. It was designed to include five mostly non-overlapping filters covering 300nm to 1100nm on the electromagnetic spectrum, which best matches the sensitivity range of digital sensors. 

Astrodon's r' photometric telescope filter, has a peak transmission of 95% and allows wavelengths between 562nm and 695nm to pass.

  • Spectral profile designed after Sloan Digital Sky Survey
  • Peak transmission guaranteed 95%
  • 1/4-wave propagated wavefront prior to coating
  • Parfocal with all Astrodon filters
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.
  • Photometric r' Telescope Filter


Filter Thickness3mm
Filter TypeSloan
Free ShippingYes