Astro Systems ScopeCoat for 10/12" SCT's

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  • Astro Systems ScopeCoat for 10/12" SCT's

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    Astro Systems ScopeCoat for 10/12" SCT's

    Astro Systems ScopeCoat Telescope Cover for 10" to 12" Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes

    Do you like to keep your equipment assembled for easy use, but don't like the dust that comes with it? If you enjoy taking your telescope to star parties, or even just like to set up early in your own back yard, you'll understand the wisdom of protecting your precious equipment from moisture, dust and overheating. Don't use a sheet or trash bag when there's a practical and affordable alternative... The Astro Systems Scope Coat telescope cover.

    Crafted from white, 200 denier, polyurethane coated nylon fabric, the Astro Systems ScopeCoat telescope cover will reflect the Sun - both its harmful UV rays and radiant heat that increases cool down time. The ScopeCoat telescope cover resists dust and moisture, two major optic enemies! Astro Systems designed the ScopeCoat telescope cover to fit over your equipment when positioned horizontally. This posture helps avoid turning your telescope into a cosmic weather vane in the event of high winds! A drawstring around the bottom helps keep the cover secure and a sturdy 1" nylon strap is included to attach a weight in windy conditions.

    The water and dust resistant polyurethane inner coating rounds out a complete protection package for extended observing sessions in the field. The seams are sprayed with a water repellent to add further protection from the elements. Just remember, the Astro Systems Scope Coat wasn't designed for continuous outdoor exposure and you'll have a telescope cover that will last for years to come! The ScopeCoat is worth every penny in strength, longevity and protection.


    Cover ForSCT Style Cover
    Cover Or Shroud TypeLightweight Covers
    ManufacturerAstro Systems
    Warranty1 Year Warranty

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    • I've got an 8" LX200 on a wedge and am looking for a cover. Obviously a normal 8" scope cover won't do the job. Is this large enough to cover properly? Obviously I'm looking for a cover that reaches down to the tripod and then pulls tight.

      The manufacturer recommends this specific size for an 8" SCT on a wedge. they say it is long enought to cover the scope, the fork, the wedge, and the top part of the tripod.

    • I have a Celestron 9.25" SCT ADVANCED VX scope. Is this cover suitable for that size German equatorial mount and tube? Thank you.

      Hello. This cover will fit the AVX Mount with the 9.25" scope on it. It will cover about down to the spreader bar.

    • Hi again! A second question please: will the Audiostar firmware support PEC? Or will it be necessary to upgrade it to have PEC? Thanks again Michel

      The Meade LX-90 with Audiostar does support PEC training in EQ mode (on a wedge). No upgrades to the software are needed.