Astro Products Dew Destroyer - 80 mm Standard Capacity

  • Destroy Dew or Frost with ease.
  • Lightweight at 2 ounces (standard battery).
  • Lasts up to 14 hours.
  • Recharges over 500 times.
  • Charges cell phones iPods or other 5vdc USB connectors.
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Astro Products Dew Destroyer - 80 mm Standard Capacity

What do you call a completely portable system that includes a dew strap, a dew controller and an LG lithium rechargeable battery pack that lasts all night? Well, you call it the Astro Products Dew Destroyer, or Dew Destroyer for short. sized in 3 convenient sizes for even the largest lenses or portable telescopes.

The controller includes two settings high/low and lasts up to 8 hours with a standard battery. The High Power battery can last up to 20 hours without a charge.

The Dew Destroyer will keep your lenses clear all day or night at -10F or even when dew leaves your camera dripping wet.

All components sourced and made to specifications which include only the highest quality components. All of our battery packs use LG cells and are rated 20% above specs and are the most reliable lithium-ion cells made.

All this in a system that weighs only 2 ounces. Included in the system is a strap, dew controller with 2 settings, LG rechargeable (greater than 500+ charges) powered battery pack and cables to the battery to strap.



  • Cables.
  • Heated Strap.
  • Battery Pack.