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Astro-Physics RAPAS Adapter for the Mach1GTO Mount

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Astro-Physics RAPAS Adapter for the Mach1GTO Mount

Astro-Physics RAPAS Adapter for Mach1GTO Mount

The Astro-Physics Right-Angle Polar Alignment Scope can be used with the Mach1GTO when used with the appropriate mount adapter. The appropriate mount adapter for the Mach1GTO is the RAPM1. This adapter is push/pull adjustable for precise alignment. Once adjusted, it will retain its precision, allowing the polar alignment scope to be inserted and removed as needed (the adapter, itself, remains attached to the mount). This will also allow the polar scope to be used interchangeably with each of your mounts without further adjustment (an adapter will be needed for each mount in this case). The adapter's alignment is what allows this precision polar alignment scope to provide consistent accuracy when re-installed repeatedly with either a single mount or when used with many different mounts. In order to obtain extreme precision, it will be necessary to perform a precise polar alignment using a traditional drift alignment (visually or with a CCD camera), or by using Ray Gralak's PEMPro / Polar Align Wizard the first time that the RAPAS is used. Once the alignment is spot-on, the push/pull adjustment screws on the adapter are used to orient Polaris into its specific location on the reticle.


Accessory TypeAdapters & Accessories
Adapter Side ARAPAS
Adapter Side BMach1GTO Mount
ManufacturerAstro Physics