Astro-Physics Portable Pier - 10" Diameter, 42" High

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Astro-Physics Portable Pier - 10" Diameter, 42" High

Astro-Physics Portable Pier Highlights

  • The unique tension design of the AP Portable Piers combines rugged construction with light weight, while reducing flexure and annoying vibrations.
  • Legs and tension rods attach to the post without hardware, allowing field assembly in minutes.
  • Stainless steel turnbuckles allow you to make fine adjustments for polar alignment or minor leveling.
  • The center posts of all AP Piers are constructed of aluminum tubing, the base construction is thick-wall aluminum and the legs are steel for strength.
  • Aluminum and steel parts are powder-coated in a black wrinkle finish.
  • 42" piers have 3 additional holes 8.5" from top for tray attachment (compensates for turnbuckle placement)

Advantages of Astro-Physics Portable Piers

  • The AP portable pier is lightweight, and breaks down into easily manageable pieces for easy transport & lifting.
  • Very sturdy pier for its mass.
  • AP Piers are typically in stock for immediate shipment.
  • 62" height available as standard item.
  • AP piers are less expensive than other brands.
  • You can opt to add another pier post with a different height as a separate item to use with a different telescope.
  • The longest component is the pier post, which is 8" shorter than the total assembled height, so it is easy to fit into your car.

Please Note: AP Piers may contain minor cosmetic flaws, i.e. slight indentations or irregular paint patterns, that do not affect their functionality or strength.

The image shows a 48" high pier.

Additional Information

Accessory TypePier
Height Range 48"
ManufacturerAstro Physics
Pier TypePortable
WarrantyLimited Warranty

Questions & Answers

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  • Do I need any extra adapter if I want to put my AP 1100GTO on this 10" portable pier? Thanks.

    Yes, because the AP1100 natively uses an 8" pier, so you would need to use an FSA119 plus a top plate on the 10" pier to step the 10" pier down to the 8" size.