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Astro-Physics Keypad with Protector

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Astro-Physics Keypad with Protector

About the Astro-Physics Keypad

The Astro Physics Keypad is the a hand-held self-contained computer for basic mount and telescope control with a large database for object location. Designed for ease of use, the Keypad is features an intuitive menu, straight forward one-button controls and simple directional pad. An instant and easy to find stop button is there for immediate slew stops should the need arise. The quick to read 4-line display screen shows corresponding numbers for quick numerical navigation. For example, press 1 for M (Messier catalog) and then enter the number of the object you wish to navigate to. Quick Previous and Next keys will allow you to scroll from one item to the next. No more complex keystrokes or shift key patterns to memorize or fumble through in the dark!

Additional features include...

  • Red lighting to save your night vision.
  • A four line, 20 character display
  • Vacuum fluorescent display is rated to -40 degrees F/C for operation in nearly any conditions! Most laptops and handheld mobile devices stop behaving at cold temps.
  • Directional keypad for immediate NESW movement.
  • Settings for guiding, tracking, centering and slewing rates.
  • RA and Dec reversal for proper object orientation.
  • Periodic Error memory with the ability to turn this feature on or off.
  • Will store up to 9 observing site locations.
  • Easy to follow polar alignment routines, even in broad daylight.
  • Ability to adjust the brightness of your illuminated reticle eyepiece or polar alignment scope.
  • More than 17,000 objects in the database including: Messier (110), NGC (7840), IC (5,386), ADS double stars (215), Abell galaxy clusters (2,712), calibration stars by common name (200), Greek star names by constellation (1053), common objects (100), planets (8) , Moon and Sun.
  • Ability to GoTo based on common names and catalog numbers. Simply input and press GoTo!
  • Immediate stop button to cancel any slew request necessary.
  • Display info for objects.
  • Continuous readout for current position.
  • 3 pre-programmed park positions.
  • Timer for exposure times.
  • Alt-Az settings, great for dark frames.
  • Meridian swap for imaging, especially for mosaics, near the meridian.
  • SmartGuide allows multiple slew speed to both axes.
  • What's Up Now function will bring up suggested objects that are currently above the horizon.
  • External Auto Connect allows for seamless integration of a laptop or desktop computer putting the Keypad into a secondary roll. Each operates flawlessly with the other.
  • Reference Park. Start the mount in the field in the Park1 position for daytime polar alignment.
  • Retractible Hanger
  • Firmware is internet upgradeable.

The AP Keypad is compatible with all versions of the GTO control boxes including the GTOCP1, CP2, CP3 and CP4. Compatible with Mach1GTO, 1100GTO, 1600GTO, 3600GTO including older mounts 400, 600E, 900 and 1200GTO.


Specifications of the Astro Physics Keypad:

Dimensions 7.2 x 4.1 x 1" (181.6x104.1x24.6mm)
Weight 1 pound 8 ounces, including cable and KEYPRO (680 grams)


Red LED fiber optic backlit, alphanumeric
Display screen 4x20 character alphanumeric
Pre-defined Tracking Rates Sidereal, solar, lunar and stop (Note: lunar rate is R.A. only, and does not include the moon's movement in declination.)
Rate selections for Auto-guider port 0.25x, 0.5x, 1x
Pre-defined Direction Button Rates

0.25x, 0.5x, 1x, 12x, 64x for centering and manual guiding.

600x, 1200x for rapid button movement. (Actual rates will be slower for 3600GTO mounts and for older 400GTO / 600EGTO mounts with the 32:1 gearboxes. Keypad display will still read 600 or 1200 - see below for actual rates)

Pre-defined Rapid GoTo Slew Rates - All 900GTO, 1200GTO and Mach1GTO 600x, 900x and 1200x ( top speed - 5 degrees per second)
Pre-defined Rapid GoTo Slew Rates - 3600GTO and 3600GTOPE 300x, 450x and 600x ( top speed - 2.5 degrees per second)
Pre-defined Rapid GoTo Slew Rates - 400GTO and 600EGTO with 32:1 gearbox 590x, 860x and 980x (Top speed dependent on available voltage from power supply. Note that these rates differ from those in the GTOCP2 - 460x, 580x, and 675x)
Pre-defined Rapid GoTo Slew Rate - 400GTO and 600EGTO with 19.8:1 gearbox 600x, 900x and 1200x ( top speed - 5 degrees per second)


ManufacturerAstro Physics