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Astro-Physics Glasspath Compensator, 1.70x


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  • Astro-Physics Glasspath Compensator, 1.70x

    This is an enhancing accessory for use with binoculars that works to correct an issue that plagues observers who use binocular viewers all too often; color and spherical aberration caused by a prism beam splitter. The compensator works by narrowing and lengthening the light cone that enters the prisms, and in so doing improves the image quality. It makes it easier to enjoy wide field, low power views of deep sky objects as well as higher power views- all with a binoviewer! Of note is that for optimal performance, you will want to do most of the magnification in front of the Binoviewer, rather than using higher power eyepieces. This 1.7x model moves focus out 35mm, and is splendid for correcting spherical and color aberrations. In the above illustration, you will see an image of a Binoviewer with the Glasspath installed, and then one without it. Manufacturer Product Number: BP4B
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