Astro-Physics Control Box 4 - Upgrade

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  • Upgraded Control Box for Astro-Physics Mounts
  • Wide range of valuable features for control
  • Quickly and easily removed
  • WiFi capable


Astro-Physics Control Box 4 - Upgrade

This upgraded control box utilizes modern chip technology to enable much faster processing speeds and much larger memory capacity prepared to prior versions- as well as supporting floating point operands to improve calculation accuracy and co-ordinate conversions. What is more, future firmware updates can easily be downloaded directly through the mount- meaning that keeping this upgrade updated will be easy and convenient.

This model is capable of being used with both an Ethernet connection and a Wi-Fi connection; Wi-Fi works with both point-to-point formats in field use, or a proper Wi-Fi network; you can specify your preferences and configure that using the GTOCP's browser interface. Ethernet works similarly- either point-to-point with a PC, or networked without user configuration. It's as easy as entering the desired IP address into the browser URL and gaining access to the GTOCP4 Web Interface- which works with any OS that supports web browsers without the need for installing any special additional software. This enables both the easy download of future firmware updates, and making the Wi-Fi connection you might want to easily.

This model also retains the earlier GTOCP3's RS-232 ports for those accustomed to that reliable mode of operation based on experience with prior models- and what is more, in a change from those models, the lower port is now fully operational. Furthermore, this single device integrates all the features of the same companies Absolute Encoders, Precision Encoders, and mechanical Limit Switches- cutting down on the use of secondary boxes, and in doing so notably increasing the response rate when guiding.

The GTOCP4 controller also applies safety slew logic to all slew commands made with it- regardless of their original source. This absolutely ensures that no matter what, your mount will slew safely; avoiding any number of possible dangers that could result from unsafe slewing logic.

12V - 24V DC power. Servo control system operates from a readily available 12 volt source, so it can run for long periods in the field. Compatible with standard automotive or marine batteries.

Finally, the package as a whole is fully backwards compatible; any GTO mount produced after 1998 is fully compatible with being upgraded by this controller. Speaking of those earlier mounts and models...

The GTOCP4 retains numerous features from prior models, such as the automatic "Deadman's Switch" safety timer function- a feature that confirms that your mount is communicating properly with the PC and that the COMS are functioning correctly. If not, the mount parks at the end of a user-defined countdown- preventing pier crash.

And that's far from the only valuable feature carried over from previous editions in this control box! It also still reads the capability of the PEM state, guide, center, and slew states, as well as both axes drift and both axes trim. Of equal note is the Auto-Park feature, which causes the mount to, in essence, enter a parked state that the telescope remembers when power is removed; meaning that if you have invoked this mode, and turned of the mount, when you turn it back on it will stay still rather than beginning default sidereal rotation. I could go on and on- but instead, allow me to summarize.

Astro-Physics Control Box Upgrade Features

  • Upgraded version of the GTOCP control box
  • Allows direct download of firmware updates
  • Ruggedized USB 2.0 is highly durable and resistant to the elements
  • Ethernet works Point to Point or networked
  • WiFi works point to point and with a WiFi network
  • Uses R3-232 Ports
  • Machined aluminum housing provides robust protection for electronics
  • All input lines are protected against heavy static discharge with transorbs
  • Dovetail construction allows quick removal from all GTO mounts
  • 12V - 24V DC Powered
  • Fully Backwards Compatible
  • Includes Deadmans Switch Safety Feature
  • Improved Meridian Swap Logic
  • Accepts Timed Guided move commands
  • WiFi antenna with adjustable position
  • Motor cable receptacle (10-pin female). All motor cables used with GTOCP2 or GTOCP3 will plug in here
  • Encoder receptacle (10-pin male). For Absolute Encoder or Precision Encoder cables
  • Autoguider receptacle for any CCD with modular RJ-11-6 connector
  • Two 9-pin RS-232 serial ports (DB9 female receptacles, a.k.a. DE9)
  • USB 2.0, ruggedized version for extended temperature range, dusttight and water resistant
  • GTO Keypad Controller locking receptacle (5-pin female)
  • Weight: 1.8 Lbs
  • PEM enhanced and improved- as well as customizable.




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