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Astro Physics SLR Camera Adapter with Large 1.875-inch Diameter for Canon EOS


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  • Astro Physics Camera Adapter with Large 1.875" Diameter for Canon EOS

    This adapter is an answer to the problem of vignetting that occurs with Canon's 35mm Full Frame SLR camera's when used with a standard T-Ring interface due to the low clear aperture of said standard T-rings. This issue was especially pronounced with the 2.7" and 4" Field flatteners produced by Astro Physics, but with this adapter it's a thing of the past! This black anodized aluminum adapter minimizes the vignetting you experience when using said flatteners with a Canon 35mm Full Frame SLR camera as much as possible. The main body of the adapter is precision machined aluminum, and the bayonet is stainless steel; both are fully anodized black and baffled. Please note that the only field flatteners this is compatible with are the 2.7" and 4"; others have their own, separate adapters. Manufacturer Product Number: ADATCCEOS
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