Astro-Physics 8.675" x 1.875" Diameter Counterweight Shaft Extensions

Brand: Astro-Physics

SKU : AP-M12675

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  • The 8.675" x 1.875" Diameter Extension (AP-M12675)

    The 8.5" Counterweight Shaft Extension  completes the current 1.875" diameter counterweight shaft ensemble. It, of course, eliminates the need for a separate longer shaft for those of you with heavier instruments. Like the other current 1.875" diameter shafts, the 8.675" Extension uses the Washerless Safety Stop (AP-M12676) to protect your toes. Its fit to the primary counterweight shaft is virtually seamless, so your weights will slide up and down smoothly.

    The extension is beautifully machined from the same 303 stainless stock as the full counterweight shafts and adds another 8.675" of usable length to your counterweight shaft. It is compatible with our 5 lb. (5SCWT), 10 lb. (10SCWT), 18 lb. (18SCWT), 24 lb. (24SCWT) and 30 lb. (30SCWT188) counterweights. The extension itself weighs 6.6 lb. (3.0 kg).

    The 8.5" Counterweight Shaft Extension has a shorter lead-in thread than the full counterweight shafts and should NOT be the piece that screws into the declination axis.

    This shaft extension is recommended for: the 1100GTO, 1600GTO, all 1200 models and 900 models (HDA, QMD, SMD and GTO) that have been produced, but the mount must have the current style 1.875" diameter primary counterweight shaft. It may also be used with the Mach1GTO. provided that an optional 1.875" diameter shaft has been purchased

    OPT Product Number: AP-M12675

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