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Astro-Physics 22" Dovetail Saddle Plate for 3600GTO Mount

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Astro-Physics 22" Dovetail Saddle Plate for 3600GTO Mount

About the Astro-Physics 22" Dovetail Saddle Plate

The AP DOVE3622 saddle plate is a 22" long female dovetail and features four spring-loaded clamps that will grip the largest instrument solidly. Weighing in at 15 lb., this saddle plate can be attached to the 3600GTO mount in three possible positions ƒ???????? centered, forward or back depending on the balance point of your instrument.

Achieving a Two-Part Mounting System with Sliding Dovetail Plates

When you combine the Astro-Physics 22" Dovetail Saddle Plate with either the 22" Sliding Dovetail Plate (SB3622) or the 27" Sliding Dovetail Plate (SB3627, both sold separately), you will achieve a massive and sturdy two-part telescope mounting system for your AP 3600GTO mount that provides the convenience of a dovetail with the security of a fixed mounting plate. This two part system was designed by Astro-Physics for strength, rigidity and versatility. The 3600 dovetail system can be set up for tip-in or slide-in of the dovetail sliding bar. Safety slots on the saddle plate coupled with the sliding bar's safety stop will help keep accidents from happening.

For permanent installations, a series of matching through-holes in the saddle and tapped holes in the sliding dovetail plate allow the setup to be bolted into its final position through both plates once adequate balance is achieved. As an added feature, the saddle plate has two cable-routing channels on the eyepiece end, each 2" wide and approximately 0.5" high. These channels allow you to access the large opening at the top of the dec axis to run your cables through the mount. Refer to the cabling section of the manual to see how easy this is. The dovetail plate is drilled on the underside of the eyepiece end so that you can attach a plate that can be customized as a cabling port.

Hole Pattern on 22" Sliding Dovetail SB3622

Hole Pattern on 27" Sliding Dovetail SB3627



ManufacturerAstro Physics