Astro-Physics 2.7" Focuser with Feather Touch Micro - With Adapters

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Astro-Physics 2.7" Focuser with Feather Touch Micro - With Adapters

This top notch quality dual speed focuser brings together silky smooth focusing and dual speed mechanics in a truly splendid focusing system. The dual-speed feature is great for critical focusing of scopes with fast focal ratios, and the silky smoothness of the Astro Physics 2.7" is splendid for any kind of focusing. It is a splendid choice to purchase this focuser as an upgrade to a prior model of 2.7" Astro Physics focuser.

Dependable Quality

Astro-Physics focusers are known for their high quality and dependable designs, and the 2.7" is no exception to this rule. With the greaseless drawtube and high quality machined aluminum composition that are to be expected of the current generation of Astro-Physics focusers. The components are machined to extremely high tolerances, assuring that there is no wiggle between the drawtube and housing. More than a dozen knife-edge baffles are machined into the wall of the drawtube and painted flat black in order to maximize contrast by essentially eliminating any internal reflections.


The 2.7" Feather Touch Focuser from Astro-Physics is packaged with two adapters to greatly expand its range of usability. One of these adapters is the 2" size adapter and the other is the 1.25" adapter. The 2" adapter is aluminum, black-anodized, screws into focuser drawtube, brass locking ring and 3 thumbscrews. The extra two thumbscrews provide an extra measure of security for your heaviest and most valuable accessories. If you prefer a single thumbscrew, simply remove the extra ones and store them for later use. The 1.25" adapter is aluminum, black-anodized, slips into 2" adapter or 2" diagonal, brass locking ring, thumbscrew, threaded for 48 mm filters. .

Manufacturer Product Number: 27FOC3E-FT


ManufacturerAstro Physics