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Astro-Physics 15" Ribbed Mounting Plate

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Astro-Physics 15" Ribbed Mounting Plate

This Astro-Physics 15" Ribbed Mounting Plate provides maximum support. It was created with the larger scopes in mind. The process starts with a thick aluminum plate and a strong rib structure is carved into the underside. The final result is 1.0" thick, 14.75" long, and 7.75" at its widest point. The width of the plate tapers to 5" at each end. A pair of keyhole slots are provided at each end. The distance between these pairs of holes is 23". Due to the ribbed structure, you may not be able to drill additional holes to suit your mounting rings.

The Astro-Physics 15" Ribbed Mounting Plate may be the perfect solution for mounting your heavier telescope. This AP mounting plate is 14.75" long, 7.75" at its widest point, 5" at each end, and 1" thick. The underside of the plate is carved into a ribbed pattern to maximize the strength and minimize the weight to a mere 3 lb. The distance between the pairs is 13.75".


ManufacturerAstro Physics