Astrel 8300-B-M-FW Camera Package

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Astrel 8300-B-M-FW Camera Package

This high power CCD camera provides top-level power and processing while being no more difficult to use than a standard DSLR camera. The Astrel 8300 uses the immensely powerful KAF-8300 Monochrome CCD sensor as the core of its high power system. Due to the technology at work, Astrel was able to attain a read noise of 6.5e- rms despite the size and power of the sensor in use and the power cooling at work. These cameras most impressive and unique feature is the inbuilt 1GHz microprocessor that permits you to use this camera to capture and process images without any need for a PC. All you need to do is fasten it to your telescope and get going because the camera's inbuilt computational power can process images on the fly. The internal storage on the camera is 8GB by default,  and it can be upgraded to 32gb, as well as the capacity for external USB or pen drive support. 

Using either your phone, a tablet, the touchscreen, or a computer, you can interface with the Linux Processor built into the camera to process your images on the fly. The code used for this processor is open source and available for editing, allowing you to customize your experience as much as you feel comfortable. The simple and accessible interface makes operating this camera for astrophotography a breeze. 

This camera comes with the required power supply and a 5" Touchscreen to optimize your astronomy experience, providing the full required power to operate the camera, and the touchscreen, which is the optimal interface for this camera. There is also a filter wheel included, permitting you to mount several filters and take full-color images with this monochrome camera. 

Major Features
  • CCD: KAF-8300 (monochrome)
  • Dark Current: 0.015e-/pixel/sec at -20 degrees C
  • Antiblooming: 1000x
  • Shutter: Mechanical
  • Interfaces: USB 2.0 Host HS x2, Gbit Eth, WiFi, UART, SPI, I2C, GPIO, Touchscreen
  • Camera Body Size: 130 mm diameter x 76 mm
  • Mounting: T-Thread, M42 x 0.75
  • Weight: 880 gr (w/ integrated filter-wheel , w/o display and filters)
  • Backfocus: 25 mm (including integrated filter-wheel)
  • Sampling Mode: Digital multi-sample CDS
  • A/D Converter: 16 bit
  • Gain: 0.91 e- / ADU
  • Total Noise: 6.5 e- rms typ
  • Binning Modes: up to 10x10
  • Digitization Rate: 270 Kpxls/sec (about 30 sec)
  • Cooling Max delta: -42 degrees C regulated
  • Temp. Regulation: Plus or Minus 0.1 degrees C
  • Power: 12VDC @ 2.4 A max (fully operational / 100% Peltier)
  • Excellent standalone camera with inbuilt Linux processor
  • Pixel Array: 3326 x 2504 pixels
  • CCD Size: 17.96 x 13.52 mm
  • Total Pixels:  8.3 Million
  • Full Well Capacity: 25,500 e-
  • Suitcase filled with protective foam for the camera and its accessories
  • AST8300B camera body
  • Vacuum pump with incorporated pressure gauge, tube and joint
  • Ethernet cable
  • Battery power cable: power cable extension with car lighter plug
  • Filter Wheel
  • 5" Touch Screen
  • Power Supply
  • Power Supply Cables
  • Stylus for Touchscreen


ADC16 bit
Back Focus25 mm
Camera ConnectionFemale M42x0.75
Color or MonoMonochrome
Delta T42C
Dynamic Range12 Stops
Full Well25.5ke
Mega Pixels8.6 mp
MP5 to 8 MP
Peak QE54%
Pixel Array3366 x 2544
Pixel Size5.4 microns
PS4 to 6 Microns
Read Noise6.5e
Sensor Diagonal22.8 mm
Sensor TypeCCD
SensorOn Semi KAF 8300
Weight1.9 lbs