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Askar FRA300 Pro 60mm f/5 Petzval Astrograph Refractor Telescope


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  • Fantastic all-around telescope for beginner astrophotographers and advanced wide field imagers alike
  • 300mm focal length, f/5 focal ratio for wide field images of the night sky
  • Petzval design means no separate flattener is required and removes the hassle of dialing in back focus
  • 44mm image circle to support sensors as large as full frame with round stars in the corners
  • Comes with everything you need to get started: telescope, Vixen dovetail plate, saddle handle bar, tube ring, and M42, M48, and M54 camera adapters

Product Details

  • The Askar FRA300 Pro is a lightweight and portable 60mm aperture f/5 wide field telescope in Askar's lineup of astrographs. Featuring an impressive 44mm image circle, the Askar FRA300 can support full frame sensors with round stars to the corners — a rare feature in telescopes this small.


    Askar FRA300 Pro Quintuplet Lens Petzval Design

    The Askar FRA300 Pro features an air-spaced quintuplet (5-lens) design, which is more than most triplet refractor telescopes that only have three. The extra two elements have two functions: they considerably reduce chromatic aberration, and they also flatten the field to allow for a 44mm corrected image circle. One of the elements is ED glass, and features multi-coatings to prevent unwanted stray light. Unlike a triplet refractor, the FRA300 Pro is a Petzval design, meaning you don't need to purchase a field flattener at additional cost for imaging because it's built in to the design. Another added benefit of the Petzval design is that you don't need to lose precious clear skies by dialing in back focus. Because the flattening elements move with the focuser, as long as you can reach focus, then you know your image circle is fully corrected. These are just a few of the factors that make the Askar FRA300 Pro an excellent scope for both beginners and experienced wide field imagers alike.

    Askar FRA300 Optical Design


    Askar FRA300 Pro Focuser & Camera Adapters

    The Askar FRA300 Pro comes with everything you need to get started for a night of imaging. The 2.5" rack-and-pinion style focuser comes with fine and coarse adjustment knobs for dialing in razor-sharp focus. Attached to the 2.5" focuser is a 360-degree rotator that allows users to rotate the camera to their liking for various framing options. Lastly, there are three included camera adapters for the back of the telescope: one M42x0.75, one M48x0.75, and one M54x0.75. As modern astronomy cameras trend towards full frame sensors that require a larger clear aperture, the inclusion of an M54 adapter is a welcomed addition, since cameras like the ZWO ASI6200 and QHY600 both feature M54 threaded accessories. 

    Mounting Accessories Included with the Askar FRA300 Pro

    The Askar FRA300 Pro comes standard with a Vixen dovetail plate with a number of mounting holes, which can attach to nearly any equatorial mount for astrophotography, or even piggyback on top of your existing telescope. The dovetail plate's 300mm length means you'll be able to properly balance the telescope no matter what accessories you throw on it.

    The multi-functional handle attaches to the clamshell-style tube ring on the telescope. On top of the handle is a saddle that can accept another Vixen dovetail plate for more mounting options. Offset from this saddle and behind it is a Synta-style finder shoe that is perfect for mounting a small guide scope like the Universal Astro Mini Guide Scope.

    Askar FRA300 Pro Image Samples

    Askar has provided some high-resolution image samples for the pixel peepers out there. If you're looking for even more detailed images, Askar has provided the unaltered FITS files, which can be downloaded from the Askar website.

    Fighting Dragons of Ara captured with the Askar FRA300 Pro

    Zheng Yu, The Fighting Dragons of Ara | Askar FRA300 Pro + ASI 2600MC, Optolong L-Enhance, 27x600


    The Orion Nebula and Horsehead Nebula taken with the Askar FRA300 Pro

    The Orion & Horsehead Nebulae | Askar FRA300 Pro + ZWO6200, LRGB Total 3hrs


    Corner Performance on the Askar FRA300 Pro

    Corner Performance from the above image on the Askar FRA300 Pro

    Askar FRA300 Spot Diagram, Back Focus Chart, & Physical Dimensions

    Spot Diagram for the Askar FRA300 ProSpot Diagram for the Askar FRA300 Pro

    Back Focus Diagram for the Askar FRA300 ProBack Focus Diagram for the Askar FRA300 Pro

     Askar FRA300 Pro Dimensions for Dew Shield, OTA, Dovetail Plate

     Askar FRA300 Pro Dimensions for Dew Shield, OTA, Dovetail Plate


  • specifications

    Aperture60mm (2.25")
    Back Focus71 mm
    Camera/Eyepiece ConnectionMale M42x0.75
    Camera/Eyepiece ConnectionMale M48x0.75
    Camera/Eyepiece ConnectionMale M54x0.75
    Corrected Image Circle44 mm
    Dew Shield Size92 mm
    Focal Length300mm
    Focal Ratiof/5
    Optical DesignPetzval
    Tube Diameter82 mm
    Tube Length303mm
    Tube Weight5 lb
  • included items

    • Askar FRA300 Pro
    • 300mm dovetail plate
    • Tube ring
    • Multi-function handle bar/saddle
    • M54, M48, and M42 camera adapters
    • Manual

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