Askar FMA230 Triplet APO Dual ED Telescope

Brand: Sharpstar / Askar


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  • The FMA230 will bring your observing and imaging experience to a whole new level
  • The FMA230 can solely function as a lens to observe the ground scenery or stars in the sky, or as a telescope for direct-focus photography
  • The reducer is designed for sophisticated astrophotography

Product Details

  • The FMA230 is a compound lens system designed for wide field astrophotography. The main objective lens comprises three lenses and the focal reducer is composed of four lenses and thus it’s sometimes dubbed as a “three at the front and four at the rear” system. The aperture of the objective lens is 50mm and the focal length (with the included 0.84x reducer attached) is 230mm and has a fast focal ratio of f/4.6. The objective lens contains two ED lens elements which are intended to cure chromatic aberrations.

    One can barely find an equal counterpart in the market as designing a three-element apochromatic objective lens in astrograph with such size demands more on craftsmanship and processing technique. We made it because we consistently cling to the belief that we must deliver a better imaging result to our customers. The FMA230 can solely function as a lens to observe the ground scenery or stars in the sky, or as a telescope for direct-focus photography. You can just fine-tune the helical focuser to perfectly focus without adding extra optical devices.

    The four-element reducer is a 0.84×optical device which can change the FMA230 into a 50mm-aperture astrograph with a focal length of 230mm and a focal ratio of f/4.6. Natively, without the reducer, the focal length is 275mm and f/5.5. The reducer is designed for sophisticated astrophotography, which plays an essential role in improving the image quality generally across the whole field of view. And it pays special attention to the stars at the edge of the image. The pictures will be greatly enhanced and detailed under the help of this dedicated reducer even the imaging equipment you use is a rather professional full-frame ordinary or astronomy camera.

    FMA230 is equipped with useful standard accessories.

    The pair of tube rings feature a variety of mounting holes for attaching accessories. Its stalks are lengthened which means that the tube rings provide more room for the devices, like a camera, that are attached to the FMA230, so they won’t collide with the dovetail plate under the astrograph.

    The FMA230 comes with a Vixen-style dovetail plate. Screw the tube-ring-wrapped astrograph onto the dovetail plate and then directly slide the assembly into the slot on top of an equatorial mount. The slot at the center of the dovetail plate has a 1/4"-20 opening for attachment to a tripod. It’s quite convenient and helpful especially when you carry out some ground imaging or observation.

    In order to solve the awkwardness of carrying around your astrograph when you engage in field astrophotography, the FMA230 is designed with a quality utility handle. The detachable handle is installed on the top side of the tube ring. The handle is not just literally a handle, the dovetail slot carved out of the handle can also be a base for the attachment of finders, guiders or ZWO ASIAIR that have a corresponding finder foot, giving you more room to integrate as many accessories as possible. The handle is carved with 45 degree Arca-Swiss style slots at the sides, so an upside-down handle can be directly slid into a corresponding Arca-swiss clamp on a camera tripod.

    The lightweight and compact FMA230 is a new sibling from the Askar FMA- family, it will definitely bring your observing and imaging experience to a whole new level!

  • specifications

    Aperture50mm (2")
    Camera/Eyepiece Side ConnectionMale M48x0.75
    Focal Length (without Reducer)275mm
    Focal Length230mm
    Focal Ratio (without Reducer)f/5.5
    Focal Ratiof/4.6
    Optical DesignTriplet Refractor
    Weight2lbs 5oz (1045g)
  • included items

    • FMA230 astrograph
    • Pair of tube rings
    • 2" adapter
    • Vixen-style dovetail plate
    • Manual

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