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ASA Power Supply Unit 12V - 21A

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ASA Power Supply Unit 12V - 21A

ASA Power Supply Unit 12V - 21A

The ASA Power Supply Unit 12V - 21A model - NETZG12-21 is a high-quality switching AC to DC power supply in a rugged metal case, which has a rated output of 11V-14V at 21A. The nominal output voltage is therefore 12VDC. This power supply is self-contained, and can be used in place of 12V batteries. It will power all the ASA mounts which can operate on 12VDC. Of course, since this is a general AC to DC supply, it could be used to power any other telescope or mount, or other device, having the same input ratings of 12VDC at less than 21A. This would even make a great 12V bench supply for an electronics hobbyist!

This NETZG12-21 Power Supply Unit 12V - 21A by ASA also has the model nomenclature of EA-PS 512-21-T. It includes a high quality AC input power cord. Customer Note: The photo shows a power cord with a European type 2-prong plug. The power cord for USA customers would have a 3-prong grounded-outlet type plug, compatible with normal USA grounded duplex AC outlets! It also includes output jacks on the front panel which are combination binding posts and banana jacks, having the conventional form factor of black color for negative and red color for positive output. A user can thus use either banana plugs or bare twisted copper wire on their power leads to connect to this Power Supply Unit. This fine Supply also includes a red LED indicator which illuminates for a power-on condition, as well as a Remote Sense jack, both on the front panel.

The Remote Sense jack is for applications requiring tightly-regulated 12V power at the load, which could be a scope mount for example. When this mode of operation will be used, the user will provide a separate two-wire connection (these are not the DC power output wires), which begins at the load and ends at the Remote Sense jack. The Remote Sense circuit then monitors the voltage directly delivered to the load, and adjusts its output as necessary, if variations in current drain occur during operation. This mode provides tightly-regulated 12V power at the load.

Customer Note: This product is a Special Order item, which will be shipped from Austria. ASA Products are priced and shipped from Austria. Prices may vary without notice as the currency exchange rate for the EURO and USD fluctuates slightly. Shipping estimates and most current pricing will be provided for you at the time of order.