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ASA Flight-Case DDM85 - Small - (2 Parts)

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ASA Flight-Case DDM85 - Small - (2 Parts)

ASA Flight-Case DDM85 - Small - (2 Parts)

The ASA Flight-Case DDM85 - Small - (2 Parts) is made to transport and protect the ASA DDM85 mount. This product consists of two cases which are smaller than the similar ASA model 60Z85-1. To use this model (having two parts) the mount is disassembled and placed into the two cases. This means each package is lighter in weight and easier to carry or maneuver during travel. The ASA Flight-Case DDM85 - Small - (2 Parts) consists of two sturdy hard cases with custom-fitted foam designed to protect your ASA DDM85 mount during shipment, including airplane baggage handling and processing. As shown in the illustration, each rugged aluminum product has extra corner protection on all eight exposed corners, and includes secure locking latches and a comfortable carrying handle. They are designed to transport the DDM85 mount in a partially-disassembled condition.

Customer Note: The photo shows the ASA 60Z85-1 single case, for illustration purposes only. Your product will consist of 2 smaller cases, and will look different. This product is a Special Order item, and it will be shipped from Austria. ASA Products are priced and shipped from Austria. Prices may vary without notice as the currency exchange rate for the EURO and USD fluctuates slightly. Shipping estimates and most current pricing will be provided for you at the time of order.