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ASA Dovetail Plate 600mm/24" - For DDM85

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ASA Dovetail Plate 600mm/24" - For DDM85

ASA Dovetail Plate 600mm/24" - For DDM85

The ASA Dovetail Plate 600mm/24" for DDM85 mount is a mounting plate which will attach to your ASA mount. It is a great match for your ASA DDM85 mount. This sturdy all aluminum plate has a flat surface on one side to mate to your astrograph, and has a male dovetail on the other side. This item is 24" (600mm) long.

Customer Note 2: This product is a Special Order item, and it will ship from Austria. ASA Products are priced and shipped from Austria. Prices may vary without notice as the currency exchange rate for the EURO and USD fluctuates slightly. Shipping estimates and most current pricing will be provided for you at the time of order.