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ASA DDM160 Direct Drive Twin Mount Only

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ASA DDM160 Direct Drive Twin Mount Only

ASA DDM160 Direct Drive Twin Mount Only

The ASA DDM160 Direct Drive Twin Mount is a dual-telescope version of the famous DDM160, the flagship of ASA's mounts! It incorporates 160mm thick hollow axles, massive bearings, and motors providing hundreds of Newton-meters of torque. Aside from its impressive size, this top of the line model is also equipped with very accurate encoders. Not only that: Its outer case is manufactured from high-grade carbon fiber, which means its appearance stands out among the rest. This mount incorporates the mechanical parts, motors, encoders, and ancillary electronic components necessary to operate as a superb Direct Drive Go-To mount, with the appropriate external computer and software. Requires a nominal 24VDC for operation.

The DDM160 Twin Mount was designed to function as an equatorial mount and to be attached to a fixed pier. In addition, it was designed to support two ASA telescopes, one on each side of the polar axle. Because any pier measurements and angles are going to be specific to a particular client's location and requirements, the optional equatorial pier can be manufactured by ASA to suit the client's observatory's installation site.

Customer Note: This product does NOT include a pier, counterweight shaft, any mechanical accessories, computer hardware, or external electronics! Since this mount requires a power source of 24VDC at 1 to 3 Amperes during the tracking mode of operation, and a maximum peak current of 15A, the user should be aware that conventional 12V AC-to-DC power converter supplies are not adequate for this task! An optional 24VDC power supply which is appropriate for this application is available for purchase from OPT.

In addition to its impressive loading capacity (instrument weight) of up to 661lbs, (300 kg), its guiding accuracy is second to none and can easily be compared to large, meter class modern telescopes. Especially important to this design was the expertise of Phillip Keller, physicist and engineer, whose years of experience in the area of large telescope systems was invaluable to ASA product development!

In common with ASA's other mounts, the ASA "Autoslew" software provides perfect pointing and tracking operation. ASA's Autoslew software package is included with this product, to support automated pointing, precision tracking, and remote control via the internet.

This ASA product is a special order item and requires a 20% deposit when you place your order, and the balance will be required before the item leaves Austria. This deposit is fully refundable as long as you cancel your order before the product is imported. Please email OPT or give one of our Telescope experts a call at 1-800-483-6287 if you have any questions relating to technical matters or ordering procedures.

Customer Note: An image shows two telescopes mounted on this product for illustration purposes, only. Your DDM160 Direct Drive Twin Mount does not include any telescope!