ASA 8" 8H Astrograph - Hyperbolic Primary - With 3" Focuser - OTA Only

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  • ASA 8" 8H Astrograph - Hyperbolic Primary - With 3" Focuser - OTA Only

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    ASA 8" 8H Astrograph - Hyperbolic Primary - With 3" Focuser - OTA Only

    This product is the 8" Astrograph Model 8H by ASA, incorporating a hyperbolic primary mirror.

    All ASA astrographs have the highest quality, low expansion Suprax primary and secondary mirrors (P/V <1/7 of a wave, >97% reflectivity), and come with their own interferogram. What's more, the primary mirror on the ASA 8H Astrograph includes a centered triangle reference mark for ease of collimation. All ASA astrograph telescope tubes are manufactured of sandwiched carbon fiber. The use of carbon fiber not only adds to the astrograph's visual appeal, but makes them up to 60% lighter while retaining rigidity. Due to the thermal stability of carbon fiber, focus remains stable over a long period of time, even when your environment fluctuates. The tube assembly's inherent stability means your scope's collimation will remain in adjustment a longer time!

    All ASA Astrographs have very fast focal ratios. But, with the hyperbolic primary mirror and a specialized corrector lens, which is permanently installed on this astrograph, its focal ratio becomes f/3.0. You can achieve good signal-to-noise ratio with your CCD camera using short exposure times. Because of this fast focal ratio and high resolution imagery, this 8H Newtonian Astrograph becomes the ideal instrument for wide-field and sky-survey applications. Because the corrector lens is permanently installed and adjusted at the factory along with the A2-OK3 electronic 3" focuser, the astrophotographer never needs to be concerned with corrector lens installation details or adjustment.

    Because of the design of this Model 8H Astrograph by ASA and the use of a specialized corrector lens, this telescope will provide the astrophotographer with finer spot sizes on a flat field, at greater speeds than other astrographs, even those made by ASA! The optical system's resolution is higher overall, which makes this telescope the ideal choice to match with newer higher-resolution CCD cameras. And, the OTA is only 580mm long and weighs a mere 15.43lbs (7kg), a real light-weight with amazing optical performance. It's no wonder the 8H Astrograph by ASA has been chosen for professional astronomical research projects, such as the search for new exo-planets!

    But even more features await in this high quality ASA Astrograph Telescope. Its uncompromising optical design by Philipp Keller, Dipl. Physics, (Germany), and the use of the finest materials available, yields imaging performance covering a large field of view, a fast f/#, and has an ultra-stable construction. The new 3" A2-OK3 focuser is made of high-grade steel with six bearings, and all of the bearings are adjustable. A precision stepper motor drive with 0.85micron single-step size yields reliable and repeatable focusing. The focuser has a USB interface and is supported by ASCOM and Maxim DL drivers. Standard on the ASA 8" 8H Newtonian Astrograph is the new "double thin spider." It is very rigid and its double-vane design significantly reduces annoying diffraction spikes from bright stars.

    Please Note: The controller for the A2-OK3 focuser and the tube rings are not included with this product! These items may be purchased separately from OPT. This ASA Newtonian Astrograph is a special order item and requires a 20% deposit when you place your order, and the balance will be required before the telescope leaves Austria. This deposit is fully refundable as long as you cancel your order before the telescope is imported. Please email OPT or give one of our Telescope experts a call at 1-800-483-6287.

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