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ASA 4" Image Rotator

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ASA 4" Image Rotator

ASA 4" Image Rotator

The ASA 4" Image Rotator is a precision computer-controlled system which will allow you to correct for the image field rotation produced by tracking an astronomical target. The Image Rotator unit by ASA has a 4" bore so it can be used with large aperture, fast telescopes. The ASA 4" model 0200236A Image Rotator has a 4" circular dovetail boss connection on the telescope side of this unit. It will be a perfect match to the ASA-made focuser units on large telescopes.

The ASA 0200236A camera Image Rotator has a full 4" of clear aperture and is designed to hold large instrument packages without flexure or wobble. Precision rotation of the optical field is performed by a stepper motor. De-rotation of the star image field for long exposure images with alt-azimuth mounted telescope is a typical use of this accessory. This model is large and sturdy, and is intended for larger telescopes on observatory-caliber mountings. The ASA ROT4 camera Image field Rotator unit can only be controlled by a PC computer running the ASA Autoslew control software or third-party compatible software. Manual control is not possible. Optimize your astrophotography technique on larger telescopes with this high-quality 0200236A 4" Field Rotator by ASA.

Customer Note: This product, the A2-0200236A ASA Image Rotator, is a Special Order item, and will ship from Austria. ASA Products are priced and shipped from Austria. Prices may vary without notice as the currency exchange rate for the EURO and USD fluctuates slightly. Shipping estimates and most current pricing will be provided for you at the time of order.