APM 130/780 LW f/6 Triplet Refracting OTA Telescope

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APM 130/780 LW f/6 Triplet Refracting OTA Telescope

Are you ready for a top-flight American design coupled with superb Russian optics? Then the APM 130/780 f6 APO Triplet with its amazing clarity and color correction is right for you!

The APM 130mm f/6 triplet air-spaced Super APO refractor telescope offers up the perfect color and spherical correction. The 130mm (5.12") objective not only pulls in more light than a 4" model, but you can also push the magnification on planets and double stars! The APM 130/780 APO will allow you to use any binoviewer/diagonal mirror combination without optical path correctors and still achieve focus due to a sliding draw tube design!.

What's more, you get special glass type OK-4 - designed and melted in LZOS - which allows achieving perfect color correction within a visible range of the spectrum. OK-4 glass similar to fluorite has unique optical parameters. Made of OK-4 apo-lenses (apochromatic lenses) ensure image quality characterized by round-mean-square wavefront deviation not exceeding 0.035 wavelengths (532nm)

APM Telescope 130/780 f6 APO Triplet with LW Tube Features

  • Quick-release 50m finder bracket included.
  • Retractable focuser and dew shield.
  • CNC tube rings with flats on both ends.
  • 2-1.25" eyepiece adapter with brass compression rings.
  • Triplet air-spaced Super ED APO with advanced multi-coatings.
APM Telescopes Product Number: 130-6


AP 176mm)
Aperture130 mm (5")
Camera/Eyepiece Connection2" Nosepiece
Dawes Limit0.89 arcseconds
Dew Shield Size175mm
FL 900mm
Focal Length780 mm
Focal Ratiof/6
FR f/7
Glass TypeED
Highest Magnification260x
Light Gathering Power345x
Limiting Magnitude14.3
Optical DesignTriplet
Tube Diameter144mm
Tube Length1040mm
Tube Weight15.4 lbs