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Aphelion 7 ft Freestanding Observatory

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Accessories Added

  • Designed to mount on solid surface such as concrete slab or wooden deck.
  • Has full size 30 x 72 inch lockable door.
  • Comes with mechanical hand crank system.
  • Overall height when closed is 111 inches.
  • Clear usable height inside is 108 inches.


Aphelion 7 ft Freestanding Observatory

The 7-foot diameter Aphelion Freestanding Dome observatory is perfect for amateur astronomers, aerospace and defense organizations due to its ability to accommodate a wide range of optical equipment and while still having enough room for equipment maintenance or several observers.

These enclosures are an advanced evolution of the classic shutter dome design. The aerodynamic shape of these domes will handle strong gusts of wind with ease and will continuously protect your equipment when you are not using it. Due to the spherical shape, they can be opened or closed very quickly regardless of wind conditions or equipment orientation. These domes are completely customizable with computer interface add-ons, optional motor drives, even custom colors. 

The applications for these domes include but are not limited to:

Amature & Professional Astronomy

Aphelion Domes was founded to bridge the gap between the observer and the Universe. Whether you are a Government body, educational institution, private enterprise or someone who has a passion for celestial viewing, these domes were first designed for astronomy.

S.S.A. / Orbital Surveillance

All-sky surveys and rapid pointing in any direction is incredibly simple with the Aphelion 7 ft observatory. Fully open the clam-shell and the instruments will be able to survey in all cardinal directions.

Commercial & Laser Communications

This enclosure can be the first line of defense in protecting commercial equipment like radar dishes, satellite communication dishes, and laser communication devices. The clam shell design also make a great hangar for multi-rotor drones.