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3D Astronomy Binoviewer 21mm 3D Eyepieces


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3D Astronomy Binoviewer 21mm 3D Eyepieces

The Binoviewer 21 mm 3D Eyepieces by 3D Astronomy:


This pair of absolutely cutting edge new eyepieces is a beautiful piece of work. Using technology invented and patented by Russ Ledermen, Co-Owner of Denkmeier Optics, these eyepieces are designed to create the innovative effect of a three dimensional view of space; rather than the traditional flat view produced with normal eyepieces, these revolutionary new eyepieces produce six layers of depth when used with a Binoviewer- allowing you, the viewer, to perceive the raw majesty of the cosmos in a deeper, more personal way than ever possible before. Three dimensional viewing is far more than just a phrase, and can greatly enhance your viewing immersion- an immersion only helped by the comfortable eye relief built into the eyepieces, a full 18 mm of relief that helps you comfortably immerse yourself in the night sky without worrying about how long you spend viewing!

Here, you can read a review by one of the first to use these new eyepieces and relish in this splendid technology- and you'll find that they found it quite enjoyable! And here's why- because this is something new, something recently invented and patented- and only just now being produced and put onto the market! It's more than just novelty, though- it's also because of the sheer quality that goes into these absolutely stellar eyepieces!

These Eyepieces must be used with a Binoviewer to function properly: as the effect of 3-D viewing requires parallax to occur; that is, the effect where the position of an object appears to differ when viewed from different positions. This is sorted by the mind into the usual Three Dimensional view that we experience in every day life- and which is usually impossible to attain in telescope viewing! This means that you'll be viewing the stars the same way you might view an earthbound phenomena you where within normal eyesight of- truly an experience to behold! While not ideal for planetary or Solar Viewing, these eyepieces provide a new and unique experience with most every other kind of astronomical viewing.

The trans-formative properties of beholding the night sky from such a new and fascinating method cannot truly be understated (it can allow even experienced astronomers to feel like they are once more beholding the same old galaxies and nebulae for the first time) a wonderful experience indeed, as it permits one to recapture the wonder and beauty of the skies in a way that is rare to come across.


3D Astronomy Binoviewer 21 mm 3D Eyepieces: Features:
  • Patented design by Russ Lederman creates 3D viewing when used with binoviewers on your scope.
  • 65-Degree Field of View
  • 21 mm Focal Length
  • 18 mm of Eye Relief
  • Ships as a pair of these eyepieces to be used together with a Binoviewer
  • 1.25-Inch Barrel Size

OPT Product Number: APL-LOA-21-3D



Manufacturer3D Astronomy