Astrodon Sloan Filter - g' 1.25" Round - Mounted

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  • Astrodon Sloan Filter - g' 1.25" Round - Mounted

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    Astrodon Sloan Filter - g' 1.25" Round - Mounted

    The Sloan Digital Sky Survey Filter - g' , size 1.25-Inch Round - Mounted from Astrondon:

    The original Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) filters include five mostly non-overlapping filters covering 300 nm to the sensitivity limit of silicon CCD cameras near 1100 nm. They combined colored glass filters and short-pass dielectric coatings to steepen the low wavelength side of the bandpass. The [OI] (sky) emission line at 557.7 nm occurs between the g' and r' filters, and is reduced by using the SDSS filters.

    The SDSS photometric system is the most common filter set used today. Typical research photometry up to magnitude 23 will be performed in this system, with professional (meter-class) telescopes. The Hubble Space Telescope is equipped with an SDSS set, and provides a large reference database for research.

    The Astrodon Sloan filters achieve a steep cut-on and cut-off, and peak transmissions in excess of 95-percent.


    The Astrodon Sloan Filters Also Feature:

    • Sloan type u', g', r', i', and z' band filters.
    • Use only dielectric coatings to achieve steep cut-on, cut-off, & peak transmission exceeding 95-percent.
    • Parfocal with all Astrodon LRGB and narrowband filters.
    • Striae-free, single fused silica substrates.
    • 1/4-wave propagated wavefront, prior to coating.
    • Exhibit 0.5 arcminute substrate parallelism.
    • 3.000 +/- 0.025 mm substrate thickness.
    • Tested and recommended by AAVSO.


    Note: Photo depicts a set of Sloan Filters, sale is for one Astrodon SLOAN g' Filter -1.25-Inch Round - Mounted only.


    OPT Product Number: AN-SL-G2-27R


    Additional Information

    Accessory TypeFilter
    Filter Size1.25"

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    • this is one filter or all 5 filters ?

      The Astrodon Photometric filters are sold individually, not as a set. This allows for users to create combinations that fit both their application and the number of available slots in their filter-wheel. On this page the Sloan "G" filter is being offered

    • I have a Celestron Powerseeker 114AZ. Will this work with it or do they make one for the Powerseeker? Thanks!

      This mount can be made to work with your Powerseeker 114, but you will need to buy a V-style dovetail like the Celestron 94213 ( and will need to get longer metric screws from a har