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Astrodon Mega MOAG Off-Axis Guider

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Astrodon Mega MOAG Off-Axis Guider

The Mega MOAG Off-Axis Guider by Astrodon:


Astrodon's MOAG (Manual Off-Axis Guider) is a non-moving part of your optical train.

The MegaMOAG is the largest member of the Astrodon off-axis guider product line. It is specifically designed to accommodate the larger CCD detectors (36 x 36 mm), such as the Kodak KAF16803E and KAF9000E used on larger telescopes with 4-inch accessories and extension tubes. It is a 4-inch to 3-inch version of Astrodon's popular MonsterMOAG, where the camera side accepts all 3-inch MonsterMOAG adapters. Furthermore, it retains the thin 1.25-inch back focus of MonsterMOAG, and is an ideal choice for systems having minimal backfocus such astrographs made by PlaneWave Telescopes. It also integrates nicely with the 4-inch systems at the back of larger RC Optical Systems Ritchey-Cretien telescopes.


Astrodon Mega MOAG Off-Axis Guider Goals:

  • For largest CCDs (KAF16803, KAF9000)
  • Smallest backfocus 1.25-inch
  • 4-inch opening on the telescope side
  • 3-inch opening on the camera side
  • Guide in front of your filters
  • More guide stars with unfiltered light
  • Guide in the main optical beam
  • Avoid differential flexture and cost of guide scope
  • Fixed guider position for automated data acquisition


Astrodon Mega MOAG Off-Axis Guider Features:

  • Solid body for no flexure for the heaviest cameras
  • Helical focuser for easy focusing of guide camera
  • Short, manual 1.25-inch camera holder also included
  • Additional prism spacers included
  • These provide maximum flexibility to come to focus
  • 4-inch -24 Male dovetail adapter for telescope side included
  • 2.7-inch Female dovetail adapter included
  • Female 2.7-inch also has 3-inch Male for CFWs
  • Dovetail connectors to align with camera / telescope
  • Low reflectivity inner surfaces
  • Wide variety of camera side adapters


OPT Product Number: AN-MEMOAG



Guider TypeGuiders/ Manual
On/Off Axis GuiderOff Axis Guider
Warranty5 Year Warranty