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Airylab Solar Scintillation Monitor

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Airylab Solar Scintillation Monitor

The Solar Scintillation Monitor by AiryLab can be used to check the seeing quality during the day to assist you in solar astronomy and imaging. It is capable of delivering high quality data near instantaneously, accurately reporting the seeing value in ArcSec at your exact location. The high speed readout renders this device usable as an assistant in high resolution solar imaging, as well. It's invaluable for finding the best observation site, the best time of day to view, and can be used in conjunction with the specialized Genika Astro software from AiryLab for direct image acquisition. It is small, portable, and easy to operate. It requires less than 200 mA in terms of power supply, and can run on a battery anywhere from 6V to 13V.


OPT Product Number: AY-SSM