Apogee 9 Position Color Filter Wheel - 50mm Round

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  • Apogee 9 Position Color Filter Wheel - 50mm Round

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    Apogee 9 Position Color Filter Wheel - 50mm Round

    Apogee FW50-9R CCD Filter Wheel

    The AI-FW50 series of filter wheels provide large format filtering solutions for the Alta and Ascent series of imaging systems.

    The FW50 filter wheel currently has two interchangeable filter carousels; A large 7 position 50mm square wheel ideal for the U9000 and U16 imaging systems, and a 9 position 50mm round wheel ideal for any other Alta or Ascent system.

    The filter wheel is controlled via USB 2.0. The filter wheel easily adapts to the Alta D2, D7, and D9 bodies, as well as to AP systems.

    Apogee Instruments Product Number: FW50-9R

    Discount Pricing: In order to take advantage of the discounted pricing advertised on OPT's website, Apogee requires payment in full at the time of order. This pre-payment is required regardless of whether the camera is readily available or there is a lead-time, since OPT is required to pay the full amount due when we place your order.

    If you'd like to order this camera without prepaying, that's not a problem, but the price will be a bit higher. To find out what the price would be, you can call OPT at 1-800-483-6287 or email our internet sales department, and we will provide pricing and lead times, if any.

    Additional Information

    Filter OD Size in Inches50mm Round
    Filter Positions9
    Filter Wheel Type Filters Optional
    Warranty2 Year Warranty

    Questions & Answers

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    • Hi Guys, Does this FW support 2" SCREW-IN filters? Can it support a 2" nose piece and a QHY9 camera on the back? Steve

      Unfortunately, no. This filter wheel only allows 50mm unmounted filters, held in with screws, washers, and retaining hardware. Also, the bolt pattern on the filter wheel only fist and Apogee camera natively (although a custom machined adapter could be m

    • If this filter wheel also supports the 50mm square filter wheel carousel, do you have this alternate carousel in stock and if so, what is the price? Thanks!

      Technically, this wheel will support the other carousel, but the wheel would have to be sent back to Andor to have the firmware reprogrammed so that it rotates 1/7 of a rotation per filter instead of 1/9, so it is not an operation that can be done by the