Advanced Telescope Making Techniques - Volume 2 - NOT AVAILABLE -

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Advanced Telescope Making Techniques - Volume 2 - NOT AVAILABLE -

Advanced Telescope Making Techniques - Volume 2

Over a period of 21 years Allan Mackintosh edited and distributed the Maksutov Circulars to Maksutov Club members. The club was originally organized to make a mass purchase of custom-molded Maksutov corrector blanks, but it soon became apparent that a newsletter was needed to share information on optics and practical glass-working to close tolerances. Ultimately, nearly 200 editions of the Circulars were distributed to members. From this mass of material two 300+ page books have emerged which describe a wide range of subjects of interest to the person who has made a telescope and wants to learn more about this fascinating hobby. A leading astronomy magazine reviewed this work and wrote in part:

". . . Within these two volumes the TN (Telescope Nut) will find a feast of goodies."

". . . Mackintosh considers the book suitable for "the amateur who has made one or two Newtonians and who . . . wants to know how he can improve those methods so that he can attempt more sophisticated and difficult instruments." In this Mackintosh succeeds admirably."

". . . overall Mackintosh has done a great service to amateur telescope making. And where will these volumes end up? When not open on the workbench, I predict they will be in the TN's library...immediately to the right of ATM III!"

The subjects covered by Advanced Telescope Making Techniques - Volume 2 include chapters on Grinding Tools, Curve Generators, Generating, Small Lens Work, Accessories for Glass Working, Grinding and Polishing Machines, Making and Testing Flats, Telescope Construction, Telescope Accessories, Photography and The Telescope Maker's Workshop. The material is dated, but should be of interest to those who like technical manuals.


Book AuthorAllan MacKintosh & G. Kenneth Hawkings
Book Cover TypeHard Cover
Book PublisherBell
ISBN Number9780943396125
Number Of Pages320