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ASA 2" Reducer Corrector for ASA N-Series Astrographs


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  • ASA 2" Reducer Corrector

    To correct the field of view on their N-Series Astrographs, ASA uses correctors designed by Philipp Keller. All correctors have sufficient backfocus to connect to all popular camera systems.

    Depending on the corrector, systems can be used at f/3.6 or shortened to f/2.75. Alternatively, N-Series Astrographs can be extended to f/6.8. The photographer can decide which focal length to use, depending on the object they are imaging, the seeing conditions, and other considerations such as wind.

    For example, an ASA Astrograph N 8"/f3.6 with a focal length of 730 mm can also be used at 558mm (f/2.75) or as a 1380mm, f/6.8 system. All ASA correctors are available separately and can be used with other Newtonian telescopes.

    ASA 2" Reducer Corrector Specifications...
    • Corrected Field: 22mm
    • Backfocus: ca. 65 mm
    ASA - AstroSysteme Austria Product Number: RC2
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