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ASA Tube Rings for 20" Astrograph

SKU : A2-20Z1

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Product Details

  • ASA Tube Rings for 20" Astrograph

    These ASA Tube Rings for 20" Astrograph are precision metal tube rings designed to attach an ASA 20" Astrograph telescope to a mount. They are designed for strength, longevity, and ease of use. These have convenient hinges and swiveling locking-bar knobs for easy installation or removal of your Astrograph.

    CNC machined, hinged, and felt lined to protect your telescope.

    Customer Note: This is a Special Order item, and it will ship from Austria. ASA Products are priced and shipped from Austria. Prices may vary without notice as the currency exchange rate for the EURO and USD fluctuates slightly. Shipping estimates and most current pricing will be provided for you at the time of order.

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