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Binocular Astronomy - NOT AVAILABLE -

Binocular Astronomy By Stephen F. Tonkin

The advantages of using both eyes for astronomical observing are many and considerable, largely because of the way the human brain processes visual information. Binoculars are incredibly useful for wide-field observing, but "binocular astronomy" is much more than that, including binocular eyepieces that can be fitted to normal astronomical telescopes, and even giant binocular telescopes that are effectively two astronomical telescopes working in tandem.

Here is everything an astronomer needs to know about binocular observing. The book takes an in-depth look at the instruments themselves, and has sections on evaluating and buying binoculars and binocular telescopes, their care, mounting, and accessories. In addition there is a selection of fine objects to be seen with 50mm and 100mm binoculars.

Binocular Astronomy By Stephen F. Tonkin Reviews

"Binoculars are an often-overlooked lower-cost alternative for introductory astronomy students and beginning amateur astronomers. ƒ??????????? The detailed information on buying and maintaining binoculars will be particularly useful for those who have always used telescopes. ƒ??????????? Photographs and drawings are excellent and enhance the usefulness of the book; the appendixes contain additional information to enable proper selection and expert use of binoculars in astronomy. An excellent addition to the well-regarded Practical Astronomy series. Summing Up: Highly Recommended. General reader; lower-division undergraduates; faculty/professionals." (D. H. Gifford, CHOICE, Vol. 44 (11), August, 2007)

ISBN Number: 9780943396880




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