10 Microns 'Perseus Level III' Planetarium and Telescope Control Software

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10 Microns 'Perseus Level III' Planetarium and Telescope Control Software

Capture all the majesty of the Cosmos in the vessel that is your Computer and Windows OS! This is a type of astronomical simulation software that doubles as a remote telescope control system.

This software is an excellent observation aid, drawing upon the most up to date star-databases for a whole suite of usable data. It's able to recreate the sky view as you would see it being in any time period and in any place, in Earth or Space. Perseus can represent a truly realistic sky, allowing real-time animations. This enables you to plan out sessions, then control your scope to capture them, all with the same piece of software. There's also a dedicated script function meant for the creation of lessons and lectures, allowing Perseus III to be a splendid educational tool as well. The database contains over fifteen million separate objects and viable targets.

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