10 Micron GM4000 HPS II Computerized German Equatorial Telescope Mount

Brand: 10 Micron

SKU : TEN-10M4010

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Product Details

  • Ten Microns GM 4000 HPS II Go-To EQ Mount is a monstrously powerful piece of machinery and hardware, providing incredible payload tolerance and high level Go-To tracking.
    This splendid mount boasts an awe inspiring maximum load capacity of 150 kg (330 lbs).
    The GM 4000 QCI has a latitude range of 20° - 70°.
    It comes standard with the following Items-
    • For time frames or questions, please contact us at 800-483-6287.
    • GM 4000 HPS II Mount with built-in precision absolute encoders
    • Control box with onboard-intelligence (Linux-processor),V. 2
    • HPS version firmware, stand alone system (no PC required)
    • Professional hand control unit with graphic display and temperature control - 10M5030
    • Cables
    • Counterweight shaft
    • Wi-Fi Option Included
    For further Data, please contact us at 800-483-6287
  • specifications

    DEC Worm430mm Diameter 330 Teeth
    Head DesignEquatorial
    Instrument Capacity330 lb
    Latitude Range20 to 70 Degrees
    Mount Head Weight276 lb
    Pointing Accuracy1 Arcseconds
    Pointing Accuracy<20 Arcseconds
    RA Worm430mm Diameter 330 Teeth
    Slew Speed8 degrees per second

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