Partial Solar Eclipse - October 23th - Gear Up!

Partial Eclipse October 23rd, 2014

Get Your Gear for Safe Solar Viewing Today

For the majority of the US October 23rd's solar eclipse will be visible in the late afternoon.    An eclipse, even a partial one is a wonder to behold, but you can't do that without the proper observing equipment!  It is never, ever safe to view the sun with the naked eye and there is a variety of specialized equipment to let you enjoy this event in comfort and safety.

Like our eclipse glasses!  Simple solar film glasses easily fit most and are a great way to share the eclipse on a low budget for a lot of people.   The more you buy the more you save.  $4.95/ each, 2-10 pair for $3.95/each and for purchases of 11 or more pairs they're just $2.95.  Discount automatically applied in cart.

Take advantage of the telescope or binoculars you already own by adding a white light solar filter or film.  Inexpensive, white light solar filters are best for viewing solar surface details like sun spots and let you view or capture an eclipse without breaking the bank.  There is a filter for nearly every size of telescope or you can adapt solar film to your binoculars or telescope as well.   Don't forget about your finderscope!

If you really want to see the eclipse in all its glory, get a PST, Coronado or Lunt H-Alpha telescope. Specialized H-Alpha telescopes provide a brilliant view of the sun both in surface detail and flares and prominences.    We have put together two PST packages at a great price as well:

PST-1: Coronado 40mm f/10 H-Alpha Personal Solar Telescope (PST) with Celestron NexStar GT Computerized Mount, $798

PST-2: Coronado 40mm f/10 H-Alpha Personal Solar Telescope (PST) with Celestron NexStar GT Computerized Mount & 102mm Refractor OTA, $849

Don't wait! Prepare today!