Lunt Engineering Meter Class Systems

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OPT Joins Lunt Engineering to Offer Meter Class Telescope System

Lunt Engineering Meter Class Telescope Systems for Observatories


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Completely customizable with very little change in specifications in a system that is scalable up to two meters, Lunt Engineering has partnered with APM Telescopes to provide observatory class telescopes that are designed to fit a wide range of applications, sites and budgets.    Each system can be adapted to your specific optical, mechanical and interface requirements. Below is the optical, mechanical and technical aspects of a world-class 1 meter telescope, designed and manufactured by Lunt Engineering and their affiliates:

Optical Design

  • Ritchey-Chretien (RC)
  • LOMO Optics (Sitall)
  • System effective focal ratio of f/8; f/3 primary focal ratio (custom optics are also available based on specific end user needs)
  • Tertiary mirror for Nasmyth Focus
  • Fully multi-coated field corrector for 100mm field diameter
  • Delivered system wave front error of <1/6th peak to valley and <1/15 RMS at 630nm. Interferometry test provided to end user when optics are completed
  • Optimized for a range of 350-900nm with reflectance of at least 85% on each mirror.
  • Aluminum coated mirrors with protection (including tertiary mirror) Removal optional with FC13 or Potassium
  • All refractive elements are coated with multilayer-AR coatings with R<0.5% for 400-700nm and R<1% for 400nm to 1000nm per surface.


Optical Tube System

  • Truss Tube
  • Lasalle main mirror support
  • Two stage Nasmyth Focal points with adjustable tertiary mirror and image de-rotator with 1” Renishaw encoders
  • Calibration switch for de-rotators
  • Computer controlled focusing with <1µ readout accuracy
  • Main mirror cover computer controlled
  • Provisions are included to facilitate easy and safe removal of the mirrors for cleaning, including tertiary mirrors
  • Light shielding included to remove stray light directed towards the research equipment


Mounting System & Control Software

  • Alt-Az (Equatorial mount available upon request)
  • Direct Drive torque motors with 400nm torque
  • 20° per second minimum slew rate in Azimuth
  • 20° per second minimum slew rate in Altitude
  • Renishaw Encoders with 0.01” encoder readout on both axis
  • Eigen frequency above 10hz
  • Industrial PC with hardware preinstalled allowing complete integration of equipment
  • Open source observatory control and automation software
  • Adjustable Hardware and software limit switches

OPT offers complete observatory consultation services.  System design, equipment recomendations and system building, installation consultation and project management.  We will bring your observatory from the ground, up.

Contact to our consultation team to speak with someone about your observatory.

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