Open Box TPO USB-to-2.5mm Cable for ImagesPlus Software - 20 Feet

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Product Details

  • This 20 foot cable was designed for use with ImagesPlus Imaging Software. For downloading images, ImagesPlus software connects to the camera via the USB cable that came with the camera, allowing you to set capture mode, ISO settings, etc. However the camera's USB control is limited to 30 second long (or less) exposures. While the camera has a "bulb" setting for unlimited manual shutter control, it is only accessible through the camera's remote shutter control port. This port is intended for connection of external timers and switches that simulate a cable shutter release in a conventional film camera. This is where this special cable is required between a PC and the camera. ImagesPlus supports control of the camera through a PC's serial or parallel port. But what do you do if you don't have either? This cable is the answer. Load the included driver and you'll have complete control of your camera's shutter to take long exposures using ImagesPlus' Bulb Capture capabilities.

    TPO USB Cable & Driver for Images Plus SoftwareFeatures
    • Custom machined manufactured
    • Molded connectors with integrated strain relief
    • USB connector for the PC and a 2.5mm stereo-type connector for the camera shutter control port
    • Printed circuit board mounted electronics inside the cable's molded connector
    • 100% tested

    Important Note: The driver for this cable is provided below in your choice of downloads. Choose compressed files in Zip (.zip) or StuffIt (.sitx) format. Once you have downloaded the archive to your desktop, unzip or expand the archive, and then double-click the TPO USB-Serial Driver Install.exe file to install the driver. Remember, the DRIVER folder and the TPO USB-Serial Driver Install.exe file must be in the same folder when you double-click the .exe file.

    This driver is for Windows XP only. There is no driver available for Windows 98 or Windows Millennium.

    Upon registration ML Unsold will update your software on a one-time basis at no additonal charge.

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