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Triplet Refracting Telescopes

OPT carries an industry-leading selection of triplet refracting telescopes, also referred to as “triplets,” to deliver a best-in-class color correction and image clarity. Although these telescopes are in a higher price category than doublets, they offer a cleaner view and allow you to dive even deeper into your observing and astrophotography endeavors. Brands like Explore Scientific, Lunt Solar, Orion, William Optics, and others offer triplets across a wide range of budgets and capabilities.

At around the $1,000 mark are options like the bestselling Orion ED80T, an 80-mm carbon fiber apochromatic triplet that features FPL-53 extra-low dispersion glass. With razor-sharp resolution and accurate colors, you can take advantage of its f/6.0 focal ratio for fast, highly detailed imaging of the celestial sphere.

The Sky-Watcher Esprit 120mm ED Triplet APO Refractor brings more functionality with a 50% larger aperture, air-spaced ED APO optics with multiple protective coatings, and two-element correction. This triplet delivers a flat field from edge to edge with a 43-mm image circle. Additionally, you can protect your optics from dew and increase contrast using the included retractable dew shield.

Browse our entire selection of triplets to find the perfect unit for your needs. As always, our expert Sales Team can answer any of your questions.


Still have questions? We have answers.

What is a triplet refractor telescope?

A triplet refracting telescope — also known as a “triplet” — is a telescope that uses three lenses instead of the standard two lenses of a doublet telescope. While triplets are much more expensive than doublets, that additional cost delivers a significantly cleaner view and better color correction.

What is the difference between a doublet and a triplet telescope?

A doublet (short for a doublet refracting telescope) uses two lenses, whereas a triplet uses three lenses. In a doublet, the lens configuration helps reduce chromatic aberration. A triplet improves upon this with better color correction and an even cleaner view.