Radian Telescopes Triad Filters

OPT’s exclusive TRIAD filter is your one-stop solution for color imaging, pretty much anywhere. Now you can shoot deep-sky objects with your one-shot color camera (CMOS, CCD, or DSLR,) regardless of your light pollution conditions. This means that you can easily do full-color astrophotography in even the most extreme urban lighting conditions with just a single shot!

Sadr Butterfly Triad 694C OPT

This filter works by combining a hydrogen-alpha filter, which captures the red parts of the spectrum, with a second band that isolates the oxygen lines and the hydrogen-beta lines, which are in the blue and blue-green parts of the spectrum. Designed by the experts at OPT, it is an excellent solution for getting data for all three channels of your color camera while shooting narrowband in urban environments.

The TRIAD filter is available from OPT in standard 1.25" and 2" sizes, making it compatible with a wide variety of cameras and equipment. Get yours today and start taking low-hassle, deep-sky images in no time!