QHY PoleMaster EQ Mount Polar Alignment Camera

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  • Field of View: 11-degree x 8-degree
  • Resolution: approx. 30 arcseconds
  • Install Method: 3 M3 screws to a mount adapter (mount adapter is sold separately)
  • Interface: Mini USB 3.0
  • Rough Precision: approx. 5 arcminutes
  • High Precision: Max 30 arcseconds
  • Dimensions: 40 mm Diameter, 50.7 mm tall
  • Power Consumption: approx 0.35 Watt 70 mA



QHY PoleMaster EQ Mount Polar Alignment Camera

More than just a polar alignment scope, QHY incorporates guide scope technology into a polar alignment camera creating a high-precision electronic polar alignment scope. Polar aligning is easily one of the most frustrating aspects of owning an EQ mount. Without total precision your long imaging sessions may lead to even more frustration and, worse, not being able to capture the type of images you're hoping to achieve. And what happens when you bump into your tripod in the dark? You have to realign potentially spending even more time repeating the process.

QHYCCD's PoleMaster reduces your polar alignment process by employing a highly sensitive camera. Mounted to the front of your RA axis, the PoleMaster will capture an image of the northern sky and then will calculate based on that image, where true north is. Displaying this information and RA rotation on a screen, you can then quickly and easily adjust the mount to the correct position. As the PoleMaster camera is much more sensitive than the human eye, this allows for polar alignment before the night is truly dark buying you just that much more time to image.

Here are a few reasons why the QHY PoleMaster EQ Mount Polar Alignment Camera is the perfect telescope accessory for any system:

1. Speed and convenience: With PoleMaster you do not need to move the telescope to a specific place just to unblock the polar scope.  You do not need to kneel or contort your body to look through the polar scope.  You do not need to fully dark adapt just to see the pole star.  You do not need to level your mount.  You do not need to worry about the entering the date and time in your handset and figure out where to rotate the mount to coincide with the current pole star position.

2. Accuracy: With a high precision camera, one can achieve accuracy not achievable with the naked eye.  The imaging camera in PoleMaster has a resolution of 30 arc second, so the best polar  alignment that can be achieved by PoleMaster is also in the order of 30 arc seconds.

3. Wide angle view of the polar region: A wide field of view of 11 x 8-degrees makes it very easy to locate the pole star

4. Easy to install: PoleMaster can be easily installed onto any equatorial mount through mount-specific adapters, even on mounts without a polar scope.

5. Real time polar alignment checking / adjustment: By using PoleMaster you can monitor your polar alignment in real time. In the event that polar alignment is lost, it is now a simple matter to bring it back without having to start from scratch.

6. Three star alignment no longer needed: Once you are polar aligned, you will only need to perform one star alignment - a real time saver.

7. Perfect companion to single axis mounts: When used with single (RA-only) axis mount, good polar alignment will minimize drift in the DEC axis therefore maximizing the performance of your mount.


Field of View11 degrees by 8 degrees
Free ShippingYes
Interfacemini USB 2.0
ModelQHY PoleMaster
Resolution30 Archseconds aprox
Warranty1 Year Warranty
Weight115 g (0.25 lb)


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