Meade Telescopes

OPT offers a number of Meade telescope designs such as refractors, reflectors, as well as their own Advanced Coma-Free (ACF) Schmidt-Cassegrain optical design. The LX200 is their flagship telescope that put Meade on the map. With a large database, GoTo and GPS capabilities, the LX200 telescopes are a perfect system for anyone. Now with the StarLock system on their LX600 and LX850 telescopes, users will no longer need a separate laptop for guiding or accurate tracking; it can all be done within the telescope! For the avid astrophotographer, Meade's Series 6000 refractors will give you sharp details on all of your astrophotos. Whether you're looking for your first telescope such as the ETX, or a telescope for your observatory like the 16" LX600, Meade has a telescope for everyone!

Meade Mounts

Meade has a variety of mounts for both amateur and advanced astronomers. The LX85 is a great entry-level astrophotography and visual equatorial mount that can locate and track objects for you, making observing a breeze. The LX850 offers the Starlock system for the avid astrophotographers, and has an impressive weight capacity of 90lbs. Also available is Meade's LX65 mount, a Go-To Alt-Azimuth mount that utilizes the AudioStar hand controller. 

Meade Eyepieces

Optical quality is what Meade is known for, and their eyepieces are no exception to this. The Series 4000 Plossl eyepieces give you the best bang for your buck, and with a wide range of focal lengths for various magnifications, you'll find the eyepiece size that fits your needs. Serious visual astronomers love the wide field of views offered by the Series 5000 UWA and MWA eyepieces. The Ultra-Wide Angle (UWA) eyepieces give a very wide 82° field of view. The Mega-Wide Angle (MWA) eyepieces give an impressive 100° field of view, giving the feeling of "walking" through the heavens. Whatever your visual needs are, Meade is sure to have the eyepiece that will impress even the seasoned astronomer.

Meade Accessories

OPT carries a large variety of Meade Accessories for any situation. You'll find cables, hand controllers, filters, filter wheels, adapters, and all sorts of various accessories that Meade currently offers. Looking for a barlow lens, or adapters to help your astrophotography setup, or a spare AutoStar II controller? Look no further as OPT has all of those products and more! Don't see what you're looking for? Contact us so we can help!

Meade Cameras

If you are interested in astrophotography, Meade can help with their selection of cameras. The LPI-G and LPI-G advanced are great cameras for Lunar, Solar, Planetary astrophotography, and can function as an exceptional guide camera for those with more detailed and complex systems. The Deep Sky Imager 4 (DSI IV) is a cooled CMOS camera that will give you exceptional astrophotos of deep-sky objects like the Orion Nebula, the Andromeda Galaxy, and many more! The DSI IV comes in either Monochrome or Color sensors, so you can get the model that fits your exact needs. Start your astrophotography adventure with Meade's line of astronomy cameras! 

Meade Solar

Meade is your source for viewing and imaging the Sun through their line of Coronado and EclipseView solar products. The Sun is constantly changing, which means you'll get a new view of the Sun every day! These solar telescopes offered by Coronado will give you views of the Sun like you've never seen before in brilliant Hydrogen-Alpha light. Hydrogen-Alpha telescopes let you see prominences, sunspots, and surface detail that always impress. Meade's line of Solar telescopes, the EclipseView series, offer telescopes that can be used both day and night; just be sure you keep the solar filter on your telescope during the daytime!

Meade Sports Optics

OPT offers a number of Meade's binocular lines including their solar EclipseView binoculars, Wilderness binoculars, and Rainforest Pro binoculars. OPT also carries Meade's Wilderness series spotting scopes, which are made to endure all types of weather while you are out on your adventures. With various magnifications and apertures, you'll be sure to find a binocular that will fit your exact needs.